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Apartment at Juhu - Mumbai

This home was designed for a lovely young couple who happen to be our very close friends also. The brief was quite interesting - we need a home which feels like a home for years to come, a place where one can get friends over and party, a place where one can have quite sit-down dinners with family and finally a place that looks spacious. The clever use of the large mirror in the dining area just amplified the volume of the space. The access to the lounge was the quirkiest!! The sliding folding partition does not only conceal the entrance, but also replicates the paneling of the master bedroom thus creating the sense of surprise behind the paneling. The single exposed brick wall in the lounge room, the collapsible glass partition in the kitchen and the breakfast bar - some of the most amazing details that stand out in this lovely apartment. 

Photo Credits: Mitali Vyas

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